Outdoor Holiday Gift Ideas: GoRoll WarrioR Portable Foam Roller

If you’re a runner, mountain biker or hiker who suffers from IT band issues, tight hips and leg muscles or cramping, you either already have a foam roller or are tired of listening to your friends tell you about them. My old foam roller was a long, unruly beast that never left the house, but this past summer I picked up the GoRoll WarrioR foam roller, which is compact enough to haul along to races and take on trips for convenient use whenever your body begs for some rolling. I packed mine along on our Spokane to Sandpoint Relay race this past summer and pulled it out whenever we hit a park or grassy area along the 200 mile course to soothe tight limbs and sore muscles. The GoRoll WarrioR also has a hollow center for storing clothing, wallets, phones, food or other personal items that is water-resistant and lockable. And it has a removable carry strap that can be worn over the shoulder or as a backpack that detaches to double as a six-foot long stretch strap. Know someone who needs a GoRoll? Tis the season. Learn more about the WarrioR foam roller at GoRoll.com.

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