Provisions: Organic Beer – New Belgium

If you care about the ingredients in your beer, then you’re going to love The Purist from New Belgium Brewery. Made with organic, traceable ingredients for a clean, refreshing taste, The Purist clean lager is a whole new idea about what a beer can be. While organic beer options have been around since the 1990s, this beer features superior ingredients at every stage of the brewing process, creating a new class of its own. 

Beginning with clean Colorado Rocky Mountain water (sounds familiar, I know), they brew with organic malts and organic hops from Oregon. Although low-calorie beers are not known for their taste, this beer is only 95 calories and a mere 3.8 percent ABV, yet it tastes fantastic. The straightforward, mild sweetness features a great aroma, negligible bitterness, and a dry finish. It has one less calorie than a Miller Lite, but it tastes a ton better, is USDA Organic, and the brewery is carbon neutral.

Admittedly, New Belgium’s most famous beer is the Fat Tire Amber Ale, but the company is also recognized as one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work, one of the Wall Street Journal’s Best Small Businesses, and tops the list of Bicycling Magazine’s Best Companies for Cyclists. With the addition of The Purist clean lager to the list of award-winning beers, it’s safe to say New Belgium is taking brewing innovations to the next level.

The Purist Clean Lager. // Photo: Jon Jonckers

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