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The Lands Council

Public lands are sources of clean air and water for all of us. These large tracts of healthy land provide habitat for wildlife, a place to reconnect with family and friends, and increase physical and mental health. Public lands are so woven into the fabric of American culture that it might be easy to disregard these places or think that they will always be accessible, when, in fact, many of these places exist today due to the extraordinary leadership of local conservation activists and advocacy groups.

In the Inland Northwest, we are lucky to have regionally-focused, longstanding non-profit groups that work directly to protect the places we love. Behind these organizations stand dedicated individuals who drive their missions forward. Run by a small but highly motivated staff, one such organization, The Lands Council (TLC), exemplifies the power of passion and work ethic that our regional conservation non-profits embody. For nearly four decades, TLC has been at the forefront of protecting our beloved public lands through conservation and education programs. 

Regional nonprofits play a pivotal role in safeguarding public lands, which encompass vast expanses of forests, wetlands, mountains, and more. Organizations like TLC act as a conduit for government agencies and distill the complex nature of public lands management for greater public engagement. TLC has responded to public lands challenges by initiating collaborative efforts in our region and becoming an active member of the Northeast Washington Forest Coalition. Working with timber companies, county commissioners, recreationists, and rural leaders, they have started to find common ground on managing our public lands. The results are better restoration projects, increased forest health, protection of large fire-tolerant trees, and support for permanent protection of the most pristine parts of the forests. TLC is also working to keep public lands open to all citizens and not turn them over to private ownership. They work with elected officials to increase funding for public lands and increase the pace of forest restoration. 

While public lands advocacy is a cornerstone of TLC’s efforts, they also serve our community with public education and outdoor experiential learning. By fostering awareness and a sense of responsibility towards public lands, they inspire individuals to take ownership of their surroundings. Educational programs at TLC offer a deeper understanding of the connections between ecosystems, wildlife, and human activities. This knowledge helps people make informed choices to positively impact the environment. 

Supporting regional nonprofits like TLC is not just an option; it is a necessity to preserve our public lands. The reach and scope of regional nonprofit work like that done by TLC is significantly amplified by community support. Nonprofits are often hampered by capacity, be it financial or feet-on-the-ground help with their work. Without financial contributions and volunteer support, the ability to drive change diminishes. Public lands are a shared resource and safeguarding them requires collective action—one that you can participate in today. To get involved, financially support our work, and learn more about The Lands Council, visit

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