NOBO Dog Leash

Being a relatively new dog owner, I’ve had my share of shameful oh-crap-I-forgot-a-poop-bag moments this summer. The NOBO Leash aims to make us all better pet owners with their dog leash that incorporates a built-in bag dispenser into the handle.

As long as you keep the refillable dispenser loaded (you can buy biodegradable bag roll refills on the NOBO website), there should be no more excuses for leaving behind a mess. Another innovative feature is a quick-release handle loop for easily securing your pooch to a bench, tree, or other solid anchor point when it’s time to deploy one of the leash bags, tie your shoe, or whatever.

Made from climbing rope with a locking carabiner for easy collar clipping, the leash is solid and functional with an outdoor adventure style. The optional waterproof and stink-proof collars ($24.99) come in several colors with outdoors-inspired designs.

The NOBO Leash is also assembled and packaged in Spokane by Spokane-based NOBO Pets, an added bonus for those of us that do our best to shop local.

MSRP: $59.99

Dog leash made by NOBO Pets is constructed of climbing rope with a handle that has a built-in bag dispenser and a locking carbiner for collar clipping.
NOBO Dog Leash handle has a built-in bag container.

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