New Washington State E-Bike Policy

Just as electric-assist bikes became more widely available through bike-sharing companies, the Washington State Legislature passed SB 6434, establishing a legal framework consistent with national standards that gives the electric-assist bike (e-bike) industry greater confidence that e-bikes belong on paths and trails. However, electric-assist mountain bikes face additional challenges. By default, all single-track trails are closed to e-MTBs, unless signed and specifically permitted by the land manager. Electric-assist mountain bike owners can use all motorized single track trails in Washington (and of course on all paved motorized trails and on surface street bike lanes). E-MTBs are also permitted on long distance, non-motorized trails with an improved surface, like the Iron Horse/John Wayne Trail.

But knowing where you can and can’t ride can be confusing, so the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance created a special e-MTB reference on their website that identifies legal trails. Visit their website to find out more. //


[Feature photo: Courtesy of the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce]

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