Mushroom-Based Coffee Alternative: MUD/WTR

My husband and I own a small mobile coffee business, and we recently added MUD/WTR to our morning routine. We had tried a few other brands of mushroom-based coffee alternatives, but each was gritty and simply unappetizing. “They taste like chalk,” my husband Young says.

We’d seen MUD/WTR ads, but it was only when a friend said it was transformational in his life that we decided to try it.

We ordered a kit that came with sample packets of decaf “:rest” blend and powdered coconut creamer in addition to the “:rise” blend cannister and hand-held electric frother. It’s not coffee or chai, but it’s tasty.

Frothy topped beverage in a mug on a table by a window.
MUD/WTR served hot. // Photo: S. Michal Bennett

The MUD/WTR story goes something like this. Founder Shane Heath enjoyed drinking coffee, the ritual, the smell, the taste. But eventually, it played havoc with his sleep cycle and his energy and alertness. He decided to quit, but also craved something healthy and tasty to replace coffee.

Enter MUD/WTR, a chai-spiced drink powder with 1/7th the caffeine (sourced from black tea) as well as cacao and medicinal mushrooms. It’s “muddy” and thick, but this viscous mix can transform your morning ritual.

My husband and I drink MUD/WTR with hot water and hot frothed oat milk, and add more water or milk to any sediment that remains and shake it back up. Adding MUD/WTR to our mornings has meant more clarity of mind and ability to remain calm throughout the day.

Just remember—it’s not coffee and doesn’t claim to be.

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