Leki Black Series FX Carbon Trekking Poles

If you want a set of super strong and lightweight trekking poles that don’t blaze the trail in front of you with bright colors, the stealthy Black Series FX Carbon are for you. Pick across difficult terrain with the priceless stability of well-built trekking poles without calling unnecessary attention to them. I used these multi-purpose poles to fend off stepping on over a dozen snakes and beat back poison ivy on a recent spring backpacking trip in Hells Canyon. This latest trekking pole release from Leki also has a re-designed grip, lightweight hollow-core construction, and supportive surfaces where your hand meets the grip. These poles are adjustable between 110 and 130 cm and quickly break down into three sections of less than 16 inches for easy stowing. MSRP: $269.95. Leki.com/us/en

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