Jack Wolfskin Pre-Light Alpha Jacket

This magical little mountain jacket reminds me of an elven cloak of Lórien from “The Lord of the Rings.” If you’ve ever put on a wind-proof jacket on a hike, run, ride, or climb when the weather turns or elevation demands it, but were left wanting something with more substantial warmth, this could be your perfect jacket. Thanks to Pertex Quantum Air, a windproof, water-resistant fabric with increased ventilation and breathability, and Polartec Alpha, an active insulation technology, this jacket is lightweight, windproof, water-resistant and soft, warm, and comfortable to the wearer’s touch. My only worry is that the color I have, silver grey, will, in short order, end up getting stained beyond recognition by a backcountry mix of sweat, dirt, and various trailside snacks and will lose its elven luster. Thankfully they come in darker, more dirtbag friendly colors for men and women. Price: $179.95. Jack-wolfskin.com

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