Lake Chelan Winter Fest

Many people think of Chelan as a summer get-away, but during Winterfest on January 15-18, the cold becomes part of the glistening aesthetic. Dramatic ice sculptures set off by colored lights shine against snow-capped hilltops and glacier fed waters.

At night, firework shows burst across the lake, bedazzling the sky with explosions of color. Local businesses also get into the spirit with tasting specials and bonfires. The whole experience feels like an extension of the holiday season. 

Nearby Manson is so small it doesn’t have a stoplight. But the absence of infrastructure doesn’t limit its hospitality or culinary might; in fact, the little town contributes just as much to the Winterfest vibe as its larger cousin Chelan. 

A stay at Manson’s Mountain View Lodge and Resort positions you in the middle of the Winterfest magic. This year’s offerings will be of a different nature and will be COVID compliant.

Check for more event details.  

Lake Chelan Winterfest. // Photo: Oly Mingo Films & Photography

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