IceMule Pro Cooler

When is it a good idea to walk home 4-miles from a birthday party in the rain? When your walk takes you along a wild section of Spokane River singletrack and you’re wearing a cooler full of cold refreshments on your back. The IceMule Pro looks like a dry bag, but the thick, insulating walls of this cooler bag that doubles as a backpack (thanks to padded shoulder straps) will keep your drinks or food cold for up to 24 hours. Built from 1000 denier exterior tarpaulin fabric with seams rated to 65 pounds, you can stuff up to 24 cans into your IceMule Pro without worry. At 4.3 pounds, it’s light enough for shouldering a gourmet picnic, BBQ fixings, or canned cerveza stash along on day hikes to your favorite Selkirk Crest lake or Priest Lake beach, and it’s equally at home lashed to a paddleboard, kayak or raft for a hot day on the water. The cooler folds and snaps closed like a dry bag and has an air valve that allows you to adjust the shape and add air to the insulation by blowing into it after you’ve filled and rolled it up. The Pro also comes in an extra-large size and IceMule makes other portable, packable cooler options. MSRP: $119.95. //

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