How to Train for Your Race When You Can’t Train for Your Race

Injuries happen. Overtime at work derails your training schedule. Maybe you have to curtail your workouts to care for a family member. There are dozens of reasons that might interfere with training for your upcoming race. But you can continue training even if you can’t manage a particular workout. For starters, just Google “bodyweight exercises” and you will find a myriad of helpful exercises to do wherever you are. Obviously, not every exercise on the Internet is valuable, but there’s something for everyone. Second, seek out a credible physical therapy office that might be able to assist. For example, if you’re nursing a minor injury, you might consider running with the Alter-G antigravity treadmill at B&B Physical Therapy. It’s a fantastic way to maintain conditioning without the stress and impact of a workout. Third, start a yoga routine. Nick Murto, from The Union yoga studio, says, “For people returning from an injury, yoga can provide that extra strength and flexibility they need to help repair and improve their muscles and joints. It can also help to strengthen stabilizer muscles, the kind of things that we really don’t affect when we run. [For example] running is so linear, the motions are all repetitive and in the same direction. This can cause runners to have extremely tight hamstrings and hips, where the lateral motions and stretches in yoga can help to alleviate this tension.”

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