Honey Stinger Energy Chews

There are many skills and habits other runners possess that I completely lack. The ability to drink water from a tiny paper cup, for instance, while keeping a normal pace in the middle of a race. The capacity to wake up early on a hot day and get a run in first thing. And then there’s my lagging development when it comes to pre-planning long run fuel. The number of times I’ve found myself on a long run with nothing to sustain me but the contents of my water bottle, or made do with a kids’-size granola bar or a couple of fruit snacks, are too many to count.

 When it comes to that last one—planning on-the-go fuel—things have begun looking up. Feeling that enough was enough, I checked out what my favorite local superstore had to offer and chose a few packs of Honey Stinger Energy Chews. I’m not a fan of most gummies or gels, but these taste good, don’t irritate my stomach, and I’ve felt a noticeable boost when I take a couple every few miles throughout long runs. They are not revolutionary discoveries—but there’s a surprise (anecdotal) benefit of this brand in particular: with honey as one of their top ingredients, these chews also soothe my often allergy-inflamed throat and stave off tickles and scratchiness not just on my runs, but in everyday life. Recently, I’ve found myself eating one or two Honey Stingers instead of having a throat lozenge. With seasonal allergies that seem to worsen each year, this is an amazing side benefit.

Honey Stinger Energy Chews come in a variety of flavors and in caffeinated options. The brand also makes other athletic fuel products including gels and grab-and-go waffles.

Sarah Hauge

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