Hitch a Ride with Papi’s Pedicabs in Spokane

Roger Hernandez, owner of Papi’s Pedicab and Shacktown Community Cycle, grew up in Spokane and has always been fascinated by Expo ’74, the first environmentally themed world’s fair. Local fabrication company Tipke Manufacturing, Inc. produced pedicabs for the Expo, and you can now find this style of “cycle rickshaw” in large cities, college towns, and Spokane’s streets. 

Papi’s Pedicab rides throughout downtown Spokane giving people rides. He got hooked on tricycles while living in Portland, built one for himself, and then brought a couple of Portland Pedicabs (now Icicle Tricycles) back when he returned home. “At first, I was giving old folks rides up and down the Centennial Trail,” says Roger. He then got involved with events in the park and pedaled into the bar scene. Now, he has three tricycles, offers free rides (tips accepted) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, and is looking for volunteers to pedal on other nights. “It’s not for everyone,” he says. “But I’m hoping to have 20 to 30 Pedicabs for the 50thanniversary of Expo ’74 and have tons of volunteers out there giving rides!” He also wants to do bike tours, paint murals, and bring some joy to old folk’s homes. You can find Papi’s Pedicab on Facebook, Instagram, and wandering around downtown Spokane getting people off their feet and putting smiles on their faces

[Photos courtesy of Roger Hernandez]

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