Healthy Snacks for the Ski Pack or Trail

This fall, I munched my way through a pile of “healthy” snacks to discover the best and most delicious protein-packed and energizing bites out there. Here are my top picks.

Meet the New Meat

Made with 100% grass-fed, regionally-sourced beef, I found the texture of Organic Prairie’s Mighty Bar to be pleasing, unlike some of its spongy or crumbly competitors. The taste was also quite nummy. Flavors are simple: bacon with apple and cranberry with sunflower seeds. If you want more than a bar, bags of Krave Jerky are a scrumptious alternative to corn syrup-injected and artificially-flavored jerky. Krave is gluten, MSG and corn syrup free. Try Sweet Chipotle Beef, Grilled Sweet Teriyaki Pork, Lemon Garlic Turkey and more.

PB&J in a Bar

Betty Lou’s PB&J Bars have recently captured my heart and fulfilled my childhood craving for that sticky staple. These bars come in strawberry and blueberry and are gluten free.

The Best Fruit/Nut Bars

I have nibbled through an extensive lineup of interesting but un-appetizing fruit and nut bars, but in the end, Larabar was still my #1 choice. With simple, natural ingredients; organic and non-GMO options; and delicious flavors, Larabar always has something to satisfy cravings and keep me going on long outdoor treks. Most are only sweetened with dates and are paleo-friendly.

Make It At Home

Gorp and granola have dominated the trail snack menu for decades. This season, add some high-energy, recovery-optimizing superfoods to your homemade recipes, such as goji or maca. Check out my food blog for a Superfood Trail Mix recipe: //

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