Grape to Glass and Farm to Fork

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p.e.a.c.h., a Spokane non-profit, is holding a fundraising event next weekend — join them for wine-tasting and/or a gourmet dinner! Below is the information they’ve provided.

In celebration of the bounty of fall harvest here in the Inland Northwest, People for Environmental Action and Community Health (p.e.a.c.h.) is inviting area supporters and local food enthusiasts to join them for “Grape to Glass” and “Farm to Fork” on Saturday, October 3. This fundraiser for the 10-year-old Spokane nonprofit organization will include wine tastings from several regional wineries, a gourmet multi-course meal prepared by chefs from One World Spokane and Fresh Abundance, local music, dancing and a silent auction.

Proceeds from Grape to Glass and Farm to Fork will support the p.e.a.c.h. Farm School programs. In 2008

p.e.a.c.h. leased and set up a two-acre farm, utilizing hundreds of volunteer hours to establish a greenhouse, start bedding plants, setup field crops, weed, harvest and market the fresh produce. The small Farm School was so successful, p.e.a.c.h. decided to expand to a home with more farmable acreage, and will be moving to this new location in late 2009 to prepare for spring.

The new Farm School will have cows and goats for milk, chickens for eggs and meat, and a full spectrum of produce that grows in our region. The farm will produce cheese, bottle milk and make value-added products like pasta sauce, pickles, jams and jellies and more. It will be set up as an example of how sustainable practices create a closed-loop balanced ecosystem. It will house a handful of farm apprentices for the farm season and host local children on field trips throughout the year.

Grape to Glass and Farm to Fork is on Saturday, October 3, 2009 from 5 pm – 9 pm at Fresh Abundance at 2015 North Division.

Ticket prices:
Grape to Glass (wine tasting event): $26
Farm to Fork (multi-course gourmet organic dinner):$60
Both: $80
Table of Eight: $500

Tickets are available online, or by phone — call 509-435-5210.

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