Goose Feet Down Socks

I hate being cold. I also hate tight winter clothes. Socks, boots, and tights are not my favorite. On a recent fall van trip migration south from Spokane, however, I found a new gear item that brought some warmth info my traveling life: Goose Feet down socks. These little sweeties are super comfortable. They have an elastic band on the ankle to keep them up without slouching down or “walking off.” These 850+ treated goose down stuffed socks are water-resistant and roomy without bulk (like my favorite warm slippers). Unlike those slippers, the lack of a footbed in Goose Feet keeps them flexible and soft so that toes can move freely. That makes them perfect for cold-weather sleeping, whether you’re in a van at a rest stop in Idaho in November, a ski hut in February, or an alpine lake in August.

On our trip they served as a throw-blanket for my feet as we drove, and since they pack down in their stuff sack to almost nothing, my Goose Feet will be coming with me on most adventures, from cold cross-country drives, skiing adventures, and backpacking and river trips. You can also purchase a set of water-proof over-booties separately to make Goose Feet more functional out in the frozen or damp elements. MSRP: $69.

Goose Feet down socks are a cold-feet cure.

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