GoBQ Portable Grill

I’m the kind of guy who packs a small charcoal grill on bikepacking and backpacking trips for post-adventure grilled chicken to go with my beer. Charcoal cooking makes food taste so much better than gas, particularly the non-briquette, lump hardwood kind.

So when I watched the promo video for the GoBQ and saw what looked to be a quality-built and easily packable and compact charcoal grill, I was sold. Take the grill wherever you go in a backpack, vehicle, or RV without a mess. Quickly open it up and unroll the grill, prep your charcoal (I use Smarter Starter Fluid made from vegetable oil that you can buy at the General Store in Spokane), and light it up.

I’ve cooked a dozen or more meals on our GoBQ this summer, and the heavy-duty heat and flame resistant fabric and the rest of the grill’s components have held up amazingly well and are worth every penny.

MSRP: $149.95 Gobqgrills.com

Portable grill
GoBQ Portable Grill

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