Goats Graze The Bluff

By Trevor Finchamp

Spokane, Wash.

Over the past year, Friends of the Bluff partnered with Healing Hooves to bring a herd of about 200 goats to Spokane’s High Drive Bluff. This program lessens fire risk on the bluff by reducing brush and tree sapling density, while helping with noxious weeds and other invasive plants.

Well managed livestock is one of the most sustainable ways to address these needs while regenerating healthy soil and storing carbon—especially on steep terrain.

The goats range in age from two months to 8 years old and typically graze about an acre a day. Once they consume the desired amount of vegetation in a particular area, the shepherd moves the fencing and releases the goats into their new buffet.

To learn more about the project or support next year’s efforts, visit Friendsofthebluff.org/goatgrazing.

Healing Hooves goat shepherds standing near the fence enclosure with their grazing goats on Spokane's High Drive Bluff.
Goats improve forest health and fire risk on Spokane’s High Drive Bluff. // Photo courtesy of Friends of the Bluff.

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