Gear Room: Flyshacker Grindle Plaid

I’m not the kind of person who gets too excited about clothes so was surprised how much I immediately loved the Flyshacker Grindle Plaid flannel I picked up last fall. It’s incredibly soft, fits better than any flannel I’ve ever owned (with a length that can be worn tucked or not), and has a wool-like fuzzy feel to it even though it’s made from 100% non-itchy cotton.

The more I learned about Flyshacker, the more I liked the company too. Flyshacker Clothing Company started out as a small family business 25 years ago and is based in Spokane. The Flyshacker name (pronounced fly like a bird, shack like a house, plus er) has a cool story too. The name comes from Mortimer Flyshacker, the great uncle of owner Cynthia Hathaway’s husband who lived in Minnesota and gave up everything to move up north away from the city to follow his passions: fishing, hiking, hunting, and being outside.

Flyshacker Grindle Plaid

And finally, Flyshacker warmed my heart even more when Hathaway told me she has opted to not play the Amazon game. She only sells her flannels and other clothing directly from its website or at select small retailers like Outdoor Experience in Sandpoint.

Look for their spring clothing line coming out hopefully in March. MSRP: $59.

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