Gear Review: Buck 840 Sprint Select Knife

Buck Knives continues to innovate and create revolutionary, all-purpose pocket knives. The brilliant new Sprint ‘flipper’ style knives incorporate ball bearing technology. In a nutshell, the hinge features a ball-bearing wheel that reduces friction and delivers a silky-smooth opening. Better still, the blade incorporates a ‘flipper’ tab that enables one-handed opening AND serves as a guard when the knife is open. Ultimately, the Sprint Knife proved invaluable on many occasions such as preparing camp meals, creating tinder, and cutting away some tangled rappel webbing. Best of all, the Buck Sprint knives include select and pro versions, which is a breakdown into choices by price point and handle materials. The blades are finished with Buck’s advanced Edge2x™ technology that makes them sharper out of the box, hold an edge longer, and easier to re-sharpen. All are made in the USA. Hold this knife in your hand and see the technology up close and you’re going to buy it. MSRP: $60.

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