Gear: O-Pen Ozone-Based Pocket Water Purifier

Roving Blue’s pen-sized, 1.2-oz. water filter emits a cloud of ozone gas into a bottle or glass of water that within minutes is safe to drink and free from multiple dangerous water-born organisms, bacteria, viruses, and cysts, including giardia and crypto. Once any nasties in your water are destroyed, the ozone quickly reverts to oxygen, leaving pure water with no funky taste.

Purify 0.5 liters in under one minute. The internal rechargeable battery and USB cable are included, and the O-Pen can purify up to 25 liters per charge. Perfect for hiking, bikepacking, hunting, traveling overseas, or as a backup in your vehicle or camper for emergencies.

MSRP: $149.

O-Pen Ozone-Based Pocket Water Purifier
O-Pen Ozone-Based Pocket Water Purifier

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