Gear: Backcountry Access Avalanche Transceiver 

The Tracker4 avalanche transceiver made by Backcountry Access includes several improvements, including a grippable, rubber molding that protects your investment from wear-and-tear. The screen boasts a brighter resolution and a louder microphone to make using your beacon in a stressful situation easier.

It also includes a search/send mode safety lock that keeps modes from unintentionally switching, and, god forbid, once you’re in a victim search scenario, there’s a signal suppression button that allows you to suppress the strongest signal for one minute to move on to the next strongest signal in a multiple buried victim situation.

A “big picture” mode also helps out in a situation like that by giving you clear information to make decisions on the best approach for finding and rescuing multiple buried partners.

Finally, the auto revert mode uses a motion sensor to switch the unit back to transmit mode if you happen to have the grave misfortune of being caught in an avalanche while searching for buried victims.

MSRP: $389.95.

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Backcountry Access Tracker4 Avalanche Receiver with yellow, molded casing and black face with digital screen.
Backcountry Access Tracker4 Avalanche Receiver

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