Gardening Workshops Offered

SPOKANE, WA—A spring gardening workshop series featuring New School Farm, hosted in the rooftop greenhouse at Main Market Co-op downtown Spokane, may be the inspiration you need to start producing some of your own food. The April 14 class called the First Taste of Spring will cover cool weather plantings that thrive in spring temperatures, plant selection, and steps you can take in your garden early to prepare for a bountiful season. Steps to Garden Successis the theme of the May 5 class where participants will learn how to transition plant starts outdoors, what plants need to thrive, and best practices in a home garden to ensure that you have a productive season. Each workshop costs $20 and runs from 12-2 p.m. Every attendee will go home with a potted start or started seeds to grow at home. Register at the store with any cashier.

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