Gear Review: FurZapper For Pet Hair Removal

You might not immediately think of a piece of rubbery material with a paw print carved out of it as worthy as part of outdoor gear reviews, but the FurZapper has helped remove countless dog hairs from my family’s base layers, running pants, and other activewear.

Using this simple yet highly effective, re-usable and scent-free/hypoallergenic product is easy. Put one FurZapper per each pet in your household into your washer and dryer and wash/dry your gear and other clothing as usual.

Clean any hair clinging to them after removing your laundry and enjoy pet-free outdoor apparel.

MSRP: $10.99.

Fur Zapper pet fur remover, green and yellow discs with paw print design.
Pet hair removal product: Add a FurZapper to laundry machine cycles. // Photo courtesy FurZapper.

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