Free Trees — Spokane Residential Tree Program to Give Away 1,000 Trees

The City of Spokane Residential Tree Program is once again giving away free trees to residents this fall. The program aims to give away a total of 2,000 free trees to Spokane City residents in 2015. The first 1,000 trees were distributed last April and the last 1,000 trees will be distributed this October. The Residential Tree Program is operated under the Forest Spokane Initiative, which has the goal of planting 10,000 new trees within the City of Spokane by spring 2016 as a means of mitigating stormwater runoff from reaching the Spokane River. To learn more about the initiative and other programs, visit the Forest Spokane Initiative.

Trees provided through the Residential Tree Program are to be planted on private property only. Residents who live within the Spokane municipal boundary and are the property owner where the tree is planted may register for one tree for their property. By registering for a tree in advance you are able to reserve the tree species of your choice prior to the October giveaway event. Registration to reserve a free tree will close Wednesday, October 7 and a voucher will be mailed out to the address you’ve provided on Friday, October 9. You must bring your voucher to the participating nursery to pick up your tree. It is your responsibility to pick up your free tree from the nursery and plant and care for the new tree.

Any remaining and un-registered trees will be available on a first come, first serve basis on the day of the event. The same rules apply for the remaining trees; you must be a property owner, one tree per property owner, and you must be a resident who lives within the Spokane municipal boundaries. Please check back on the City’s website for updated information about tree availability.

What Tree Species Are Available Through This Program?

Before getting registered for your free tree, you must know what tree species you are requesting and be able to provide this information at the time of registration. To review the tree species available through this program, check out the Residential Tree Program – Tree Species List. This list will be updated at the beginning of each week as tree species become unavailable. If you do not provide the name of the tree species you are registering for, you will not be eligible to reserve a free tree prior to the event.

For more information and to register for your free tree, click here! By registering for a tree your contact information will be provided to your neighborhood council and the neighborhood Friday Update for future notifications. You will have the option to unsubscribe from the mailings after you’ve received the first email. //


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