Flying Irish Running Club Sees Big Turnout


The inaugural 2008 Flying Irish Running Club turnout surprised
everyone last Thursday. No one anticipated such a crowd. [Could it have something to do with the article in the current issue of OTM? – ed.]One Flying
Irish runner felt this turnout was three times greater than the 2007
Cool yet calm evening weather and some grassroots fanfare contributed
to the turnout, however rough estimates suggest that about 20% of the
runners were ‘Flying Irish virgins’. Peter Breach launched the event
by having everyone fill out a nametag so that when they returned from
their run each person took a different nametag and needed to find that
person in order to buy them a quality O’Doherty’s brew. The plan
wasn’t flawless, but it did create a lot of new introductions.
Only 1 person was ‘shirted’ on Thursday. His Irish Joke rated 3 out 4
stars – something about two nuns and a bottle of whiskey. He should
also be credited with laying the groundwork for a lot more laughter to
come at future Flying Irish gatherings.

– Jon Jonckers

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