Fly Fishing & Catching Your First Redband Trout

Contrary to some popular beliefs, it doesn’t take a whole lot of money or skill to get into fly fishing. I, for one, know next to nothing but go with a few obsessed friends.

Conor Giorgi, fish biologist with the Spokane Tribe, suggests a 5-weight rod with a soft hackle caddis fly attached. Sean Visintainer, owner of Silver Bow Fly Shop, says most trout are caught subsurface on nymphs and streamers.

Not sure what all that means? Stop by your local fly-fishing shop or join a club or fishing group to get started.

Remember the Spokane and many surrounding rivers are catch and release and the Spokane season runs from May 29 to March 15, with the spring closure intended to protect the trout during spawning season.

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[Feature photo: Catching a prized redband trout. // Photo: Sean Visintainer, Silver Bow Fly Shop.]

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