Expo Blend Coffee from Vessel

The Expo Blend from Vessel is named after the Expo ’74 Worlds Fair, and the coffee is just as good as the event was at surpassing people’s expectations. From the home auto-dripper, to a French press, or even a siphon bar, the Expo Blend is consistent and delicious.

In proclaiming itself the first environmentally themed world’s fair, Expo ’74 distanced itself from the more techno-centric world’s fairs of the 1960s. This triggered the downtown revitalization that created Riverfront Park, and ultimately paved the way for the Centennial Trail. Vessel Coffee Roasters adopted the name because they wanted a coffee that connected with their community, and resonated with Spokane. The beans are 50% Guatemala Los Humitos and 50% Honduras Guama Danta, which translates to a medium roast flavor with hints of chocolate and dark cherry.

Vessel’s flagship coffee shop on Monroe is less than two miles from Riverfront Park. The owners routinely walk or ride through the Park, and they’re continually scheming up new names for some of their other blends. It’s a process they both enjoy. But right now, the Expo Blend remains the most popular.

Unlike some other coffee roasters, Vessel’s coffee bags are actually a pound – a full 16 ounces. The wonderful aroma you smell when you open the bag matches the flavor.

While Expo ’74 is over 40 years old and rarely remembered, the Expo Blend is fresh and new. Vessel capitalized on the event, and their coffee parallels the ambition and spirit of the famous World’s Fair. I find it particularly fitting that Expo ’74 settled on the slogan “Celebrating Tomorrow’s Fresh New Environment” and Vessel is upholding that vision with delicious, locally roasted coffee. //

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