Buzz Bin: Bloomsday Blend Coffee from Roast House

Anyone familiar with the Bloomsday route should also be familiar with the NEW Bloomsday Blend coffee from Roast House. The Bloomsday route is known for its smooth flow, attracts a broad range of people, and is richly connected with the community – just like the Bloomsday Blend coffee.

“For many of us, the Lilac Bloomsday Run is a kind of anchor for the year,” says Roast House owner Deborah Di Bernardo. “It’s a motivation to train, a marker of the sweet turn from spring towards summer, a chance to tour the city at a leisurely, or gut-busting, pace. Bloomsday celebrates the spirit of Spokane, and we are happy to now celebrate and support Bloomsday with their own custom blend.”

Roast House worked closely with the Bloomsday crew to formulate the perfect companion coffee, and they definitely succeeded. From the very first sip, the familiar, satisfying flavors (chocolatey notes of the best South American beans) combine with a dash of exquisite fruit tones (from high quality Ethiopian beans). I intentionally brewed it extra strong during one tasting, and it maintained a smooth quality without any hint of bitterness. The aroma from grinding the beans always make you excited for your next cup.

“Bloomsday champions have come from two of the three countries whose beans are included in Bloomsday Blend,” said Bloomsday Race Director Don Kardong. “That’s not why they’re in the mix, but it’s a fun connection between the event and a very tasty coffee.”

All proceeds (beyond production costs) from Bloomsday Blend go directly to Bloomsday, which in turn supports dozens of local charities and youth events. Orders for Bloomsday Blend from Roast House are fulfilled daily, ensuring customers get only the freshest, best, organic beans. //

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