Editorial: New Year’s Resolutions

I stopped making formal new year’s resolutions (at least out loud) a long time ago, but I can’t deny that about this time each year I make promises to myself that I usually don’t keep. In the last issue of OTM, Brad Northrup recounted a button-busting incident that occurred while trying to squeeze unsuccessfully into his previous year’s ski pants in our new “Ski Bum Advice” column. I laughed out loud when I read it, but then, sadly, experienced a similar button incident myself later that day. Instant Karma?

The button incident inspired me to rethink my resolution policy, and I started secretly scheming up self-improvement plans for the coming year. Of course then I had to ask myself: what could it hurt to admit them to others? Is there a point in airing the fact that I want to lose a few lbs, grow and eat more vegetables from our garden this summer, run my first marathon, and read and write more fiction in 2014? Only that I’m probably more likely to make them happen then. Guess I’m back in the resolution game.

We have a few New Year’s resolutions for Out There Monthly too. In 2014, we plan to take OTM to the next level, and we hope that you will enjoy (and participate) in the ride. What do we have in mind exactly? We will continue to expand our digital presence at OutThereMonthly.com by adding new web exclusive stories and outdoor activity-specific columns to our brand new website that we launched in October – check it out if you haven’t already. You can also now find OTM at more breweries, bakeries, pubs, coffee shops, outdoor gear shops, and other local businesses from Sandpoint to Spokane and Kennewick to Kettle Falls and in dozens of communities in between. We will continue to hone our distribution system this year, so drop us a line and share your suggestions. And we are bringing on new writers from throughout the greater Inland Northwest to provide more creative, authentic, inspiring outdoor adventure, travel, health and fitness, and outdoor lifestyle stories and articles to better represent and speak to our diverse outdoors community of athletes, parents, kids, weekend warriors, and every-day outdoor enthusiasts.

The positive feedback we have received from readers and advertisers since taking over the wheel at OTM this past summer has been tremendous. The compliments and encouragement have kept us motivated and inspired through many long days and nights. We had big shoes to fill and a reputation to live up to thanks to our friend and OTM founder Jon Snyder and are grateful for the opportunity to serve the Inland Northwest outdoors community in the year ahead!

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