Do’s and Don’ts of Recovery From a Sports Injury


  • Whatever your doctor or medical professionals tell you.
  • Consume lots of good, nourishing foods (like bone broth, foods high in anti-oxidants, clean proteins, and water!
  • Rest and remember: Bodies heal. You just have to let them.
  • Focus on some fun alternative activities you’ve been missing out on—like knitting!


  • Drink alcohol. It’s inflammatory and a depressant—probably not a great combination for someone with a sad injury.
  • Drown your sorrows in ice cream or donuts. Sugar is also pro-inflammatory and empty calories. If you have to grow a new limb, do you want it to be made out of a double fudge sundae or some lean, grass-fed steak (or sprouted legumes if you’re a hippie)?
  • Do too much, too soon. It’s just discouraging to have your healing slow down and feel like you’re perpetually sidelined. Get comfortable knitting.

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