DIY Thai Peanut Ramen

There’s nothing like fresh fruits and veggies on a backpacking or bikepacking trip! This recipe is a great option for the first night of any outing. (The fresh stuff won’t keep much longer.)


Mung bean sprouts

Sweet red, orange, or yellow pepper



Green onion


Peanut sauce

Crushed peanuts

Ramen (dried, prepackaged)

1 egg (optional)

Avocado (optional)

The night before your trip, thinly slice pepper, cucumber, and carrot. Chop green onion. Put all veggies, cilantro, and peanuts in an airtight food storage bag or container. Pour 3-4 T of peanut sauce in a small bottle. (Available at Rambleraven, REI, and other gear shops, they seal tightly, so your sleeping bag won’t taste like peanuts.) If you’d like to include an egg, crack it into another small bottle. Don’t forget to pack the packet of ramen as well.

In camp, boil water and cook the ramen according to package directions, but leave out the spice packet. In the last minute of cook time, poor in the egg and stir to cook thoroughly. Drain (and drink–no waste!) excess water. Carefully mix veggies in their bag and add them liberally to the noodles. Top with peanut sauce and freshly-sliced avocado, then enjoy!

Carol Corbin

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