Dig Your Grave 100K: North Idaho’s Longest Trail Race to Benefit Veterans

As the sun rises on August 4th in the Cabinet Mountains, dozens of runners will lace up their shoes and strap on their loaded packs as they prepare to complete the Dig Your Grave 100k, the longest trail running race in North Idaho history. The 100 kilometer race will take runners from Hope, Idaho, to Round Top Mountain, along the rocky ridge to Moose Lake, up the summit of Pend Oreille Mountain, and down Trestle Creek Road to the finish. The race boasts over 15,000 feet of total elevation gain, and with its rugged nature and limited aid stations, requires runners to sufficiently support themselves along the truly grueling course. Race director and Hope resident Mike Ehredt created the course to highlight the beauty of the region he lives and runs on a regular basis. As a proud supporter of veterans’ causes, Ehredt is donating a portion of each race entry to the “Band of Runners,” an organization that “empowers veterans and their surviving family members by sharing the community of trail running and the physical and psychological benefits running in nature provides.” Learn more at www.run7b.com.

[Feature photo: Trail runners on top of Roundtop Mountain. // Emily Erickson]

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