Carabiner Coffee: Spreading the Stoke One Cup at a Time

A carabiner is an imperative component in outdoor recreation. It holds climbers to the wall. It helps in river rescues. It keeps things together on long road trips. Quite frankly, coffee can do all of that too and more.

Carabiner Coffee started out of a tiny apartment in the Rocky Mountains. Erik Gordon became a coffee fanatic while biking across America. He partnered with some coffee roasters in Colorado to bring gourmet coffee to all of his outdoor fanatic friends without charging them a gourmet price. Most climbers, hikers, bikers, boarders, skiers and mountaineers crave good coffee, and Erik knew if he linked his beverage name to the indispensable piece of outdoor gear, the carabiner, that he couldn’t go wrong.

Legendary Yosemite climber Peter Croft once said that “Climbing is my flying and coffee is my spinach.” No one would suggest Carabiner Coffee can make you climb as well as Peter Croft, but it definitely tastes better than a can of spinach. The company’s coffees are full of flavor and quite smooth. Like any coffee, they can be brewed stronger or lighter to suit your taste, but overall they are dark without any bitterness.

The Skooch is the most popular flavor. It resembles Starbucks Pike Place; however, The Skooch smells better, especially when it’s chilly in the morning and you’re bringing the mug to your mouth and inhaling the coffee aroma. The Business is the dark roast offering from Carabiner Coffee. Gordon describes it this way: “This rich double-dark roast full of cocoa and blueberry notes is what we like to call ‘The Business.’ If dark roasts are your jam, then this, my friend, is going to be your JAM!”

Currently, Carabiner Coffee is based in Seattle and only available online at However, Gordon makes an extra effort to show up and provide coffee at climbing comps and other outdoor events around Washington. He also gives back to the northwest climbing community, and he sponsors Spokane climber Zak Silver. Even if you aren’t a coffee drinker, check out Carabiner Coffee’s website for some cool coffee branded items that make great gifts for any climber, hiker, biker or skier in your circle of friends. //

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