Cami Ostman coming to Aunties!

Cami will be at Aunties 11/06/2010 at 2:00 pm

Check out this video about her story.

Second Wind is the story of an unlikely athlete and an unlikely heroine: Cami Ostman, a woman edging toward midlife who decides to take on a challenge that stretches her way outside of her comfort zone. That challenge presents itself when an old friend suggests she go for a run to distract her from the grief of her recent divorce. Excited by the clarity of mind and breathing space running offers her, she keeps it up—albeit slowly. Soon the old friend, Bill, now a romantic interest, invites her to Prague to run a marathon. Little does either of them know that this race will be the first of many international marathons, and that it will ignite a quest to run seven marathons on seven continents.

Up hills and through flash floods, more often alone than with company, Cami forges a path through some of the most exotic places in the world—and into some of the most enlightened, and darkest, places in the psyche. Insightful and uplifting, Second Wind carries the reader along for the ride as Cami runs her way out of compliance with the patriarchal rules about “being a woman” that long held her captive and into authenticity and self-love. Her adventures—and the personal revelations that accompany them—will inspire readers to take chances, find truth in their lives, and learn to listen to the voice inside them that’s been there all along.

About Cami Ostman
Cami Ostman grew up in a depressed Seattle suburban area and attended school with other blue-collar kids. She graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in education, and from Seattle Pacific University with an MA in marriage and family therapy. She took up running to catch her breath during her divorce. In the process, she discovered the marathon and, ultimately, a new perspective on life that she now shares with others, in therapy and in lectures. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a private practice, and has a special interest in supporting women going through transitional periods as they create experiences that will help them live more authentically and freely.

Ostman currently runs between twenty and forty miles each week as part of her own commitment to self-discovery. She belongs to the Greater Bellingham Running Club, and participates in races as short as five kilometers and as long as 26.2 miles (so far), always running at the back of the pack with her head held high.

Cami Ostman lives in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, Bill Pech, and their dogs, cat and lizard

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