Buzz Bin: Ground Breaker Brewing’s Olallie Ale

On a hot summer day at the lake, soaking in the river, or sitting in your backyard hammock watching the barbecue smoke, an ice-cold Olallie provides a burst of thirst-quenching flavor that will, like summer itself, disappear way too fast. At only 4.5% ABV, it’s a relatively safe beer for long lawn-chair chilling or sky-staring sessions. Olallie is Portland-based Ground Breaker’s lightest beer, but don’t expect a tasteless, watered-down brew. The rich, pink-colored ale packs a pleasantly fruity and slightly bitter punch that manifests in your mouth in a way that makes you forget you’re drinking a beer. I’m not sure exactly what to compare Olallie to; it’s dry, yet refreshing, and so complex and unique tasting that sometimes I think it deserves its own adult beverage classification. The closest thing I can come up with to describe an Olallie experience is the outcome of pouring a quality craft ale into a cold glass that still had a bit of dry red wine, or, maybe, under-ripe blackberry smoothie, left in the bottom. Fruit notes, without the sweetness, dominate your typical beer flavors thanks to the original, all-natural ingredients that also make this beer naturally gluten free: organic lentils, blackberries, rose hips, Crystal hops and other real ingredients. And it comes in a can, which makes for easy packing to and fro on your summertime outdoor outings. Pick up a can, or 4-pack, at the Main Market Co-op, Rocket Market, Huckleberry’s, or Total Wine. //

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