Some good news from the folks at Bloomsday.

Lilac Bloomsday Run has received certification from the Council for Responsible Sport (“CRS”) , an Oregon-based organization that provides an independent, comprehensive certification for sustainable athletic events. Applying for certification was part of Bloomsday’s “Getting Greener” initiative, which was launched in 2009, and which has included enhanced recycling, overall reduction of waste, and composting of water cups. Bloomsday is the largest event to earn certification from CRS.

“Your commitment to sustainability serves as both a motivator and example for races across the country,” said Marisa McGilliard, Executive Director of the Council for Responsible Sport “The achievements reached during your event on May 2nd, 2010, certainly distinguish the Bloomsday staff and, volunteers, as well as the entire Spokane community, in producing a race which incorporated tenets of environmental and social responsibility.”

CRS Certification lists a total of 41 possible credits in six areas representing waste, climate, equipment & materials, community & outreach, health promotion, and innovation. Bloomsday was able to earn 23 credits among the six categories. Two notable credits earned by Bloomsday include achieving a 10% reduction in waste from its 2009 event and the event’s STA’s “Bloomsday Express” service, which shuttled over 20% of Bloomsday participants to and from downtown Spokane. Ridership in the shuttle service was up 13.9% in 2010. Credit was also given for collaboration between Bloomsday, Hoopfest and the City of Spokane in increasing public awareness of recycling by creating an inventory of Clearstream containers that will be available for public events.

“This certification is a testament to the people of Spokane,” said Lilac Bloomsday Association President Carol Hunter. “Bloomsday has been successful over the years only because thousands of individuals have come together for a common goal. The effort resulting in this certification is no different as it was achieved through the work of committed organizations and volunteers. We have every confidence that Spokane and all Bloomsday participants will continue to support these environmental initiatives in Bloomsdays to come.”

Bloomsday now joins several other large running events that have earned Certification from the Council for Responsible Sport, including the Austin Marathon, LA Marathon, and the Marine Corps Marathon. CRS Certification is good through 2012; however, Bloomsday will continue to expand its “Getting Greener” efforts in 2011.

Next year’s Bloomsday will be Sunday, May 1, 2011. Online registration for Bloomsday will open in January.

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