Beauty Mt. Warming Hut Report

Regular OTM reader Tanner Grant has been posting some really cool trip reports at His latest is a snowshoe trek from Mt. Spokane:

“With good weather in the forecast I couldn’t spoil a good opportunity to get my ass outdoors. These days are far a few between with my new son Jameson in the picture, but i’m one lucky bastard, and I know that. It’s amazing how quickly your priorities change in life once you have held your first child.

Anyway, Robin and I dropped Jameson off with grandma about 10am and made our way for the snowmobile parking lot on Mount Spokane. I’m beginning to really love this place, only 30 miles from my door step is a winter oasis complete with ski runs, cross-county ski trails, snowshoe trails, warming huts, and unfortunately snowmobile trails. After visiting Bald Knob last week we decided to try our luck with the Beauty Mountain warming hut.”

You can read the of the report here:

Tanner has posted a bunch of cool trip reports under the name trailjunky at Thanks for the report Tanner!

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