Backpacker Medical Kit

This compact and relatively-light little first aid kit from Adventure Medical Kits is just right for a small group of backpackers, day hikers, or car campers. Thanks to a hiking companion’s tangle with a dug fir tree that left his hand dripping blood on the trail, I got the chance to break out my Mountain Series Backpacker medical kit for a little trail-side first aid this summer. The first thing I noticed when I unzipped the water-resistant case, after being thankful I had more to offer than my standard plastic bag of ancient Band-Aids, was that each section of the kit was immediately visible, organized, and labeled under four categories: wound/burn/blister; cuts and scrapes; instruments; and medication. I chose cuts and scrapes, unzipped the pouch, and handed my bloodied hiking buddy an antiseptic wipe and adhesive bandage within seconds without unnecessary rummaging. A couple minutes later and we were headed back down the trail all bandaged up. Adventure Medical Kits has several options of first aid kits to choose from depending on the type of trip and number of people in your group. MSRP: $15-39. //

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