Backcountry Booty: “My Lives with Tribes” Tickets & Crazy Creek Chair (Hidden 11-5-17; Found 11-12-17)

This Booty has been found! Congrats to the winner!

Play the OTM Backcountry Booty treasure hunt contest and you get to explore different trails around the region and possibly win gift certificates for cool outdoor gear and other prizes. Here’s how it works along with a few rules you need to follow to play:

  1. We hide a booty certificate, that’s good for whatever prizes are up for grabs, near a trail somewhere in a park or recreation area in the greater Spokane area.
  2. We name the general location and offer up a few clues and photos on Facebook and the Out There Monthly website (scroll down on this page for the clues and pics).
  3. You “like” Out There Monthly’s Facebook page to keep in the loop when a new booty is up for grabs, and then check the contest page at to review all the current clues.
  4. You take care not to trample native plants/wildlife while you’re searching. No digging, turning over rocks or disturbing shorelines, logs or brush that provide important wildlife habitat is required to find a booty and is highly frowned upon and will bring you bad booty karma! Walk, look around and pay attention to the clues and forest/nature around you. We also encourage you to take along a garbage bag for picking up trash whenever you’re out hunting for booty.
  5. We keep giving out clues on Facebook and on our website until someone finds the booty and wins.
  6. Winners take a victory photo at the location where they find it and post the photo on Out There Monthly’s Facebook page to confirm that the booty has been found (letting us know that you found the booty right away is important–email us with questions).
  7. Follow the instructions on the booty certificate and we will let you know where to pick up the prize(s)!


4 Tickets to “My Lives with Tribes” Presented by Hazen Audel Nov. 16, 2017 at Spokane’s Martin Woldson Theater, a Pizza Dinner with Hazen, PLUS a Crazy Creek Camp Chair ($200 value)

Thank you to our sponsors Hazen Audel, Too Far North Productions, and Crazy Creek for this Backcountry Booty prize pack that includes a Crazy Creek camp chair and 4 reserved seating tickets to the Nov. 16, 2017 event “My Lives with Tribes” presented by National Geographic TV host, survival expert, and Spokane native Hazen Audel. “My Lives with Tribes” is an in-person, interactive multi-media presentation featuring the personal recollections of Audel’s travels that include living with some of the most exotic communities alongside the wildest animals in the world. This prize package also includes dinner with Hazen at Spokane’s South Perry Pizza!

Hazen Audel in Kenya. Photos courtesy of Hazen Audel

This Booty has been found!

Backcountry Booty clue #7: Hey look, the Booty is right there!

Backcountry Booty clue #6: The Booty is hidden somewhere in this landscape. Go get it!

Backcountry Booty clue #5: Find this spot and you’re close.

Backcountry Booty clue #4: This is an example of what the actual Backcountry Booty prize packages look like: a certificate sealed up in a ziplock bag wrapped in brown paper. Note that the one pictured here was from a different contest last winter, but they all look pretty much the same.

Backcountry Booty clue #3: This is an important junction; choose the right trail, wander a while, and you’re getting close. For those who didn’t recognize the location of clue #1, start out at the Bowl & Pitcher and head up to the Centennial Trail to get to the location in the clue #1 photo.

Backcountry Booty clue #2: If you get all the way up here, you’ve strayed too far from the booty hiding spot. Check back for more clues this weekend (Nov. 11 & 12).

Backcountry Booty clue #1: This spot in Riverside State Park near the Bowl & Pitcher will get you close to this awesome prize package, which is hidden no more than 200 yards, and potentially a lot closer, from an established trail. Good luck!

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