Backcountry Booty: Avista Paddling Package (Hidden 7.12.16; Found 7.19.16)

This Booty has been found. Congratulations to the winner!

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Play the OTM Backcountry Booty treasure hunt contest and you get to explore different trails around the region and possibly win gift certificates for cool outdoor gear and other prizes. Here’s how it works:

  1. We hide a booty certificate, that’s good for whatever prizes are up for grabs, near a trail somewhere in a park or recreation area in the greater Spokane area.
  2. We name the general location and offer up a few clues and photos on Facebook and the Out There Monthly website (scroll down on this page for the clues and pics).
  3. You “like” Out There Monthly’s Facebook page to keep in the loop when a new booty is up for grabs, and then check the contest page at OutThereMonthly.comto review all the current clues. We also encourage you to take along a garbage bag for picking up trash whenever you’re out hunting for booty and take care not to trample native plants/wildlife while you’re searching.
  4. We keep giving out clues on Facebook until someone finds the booty and wins.
  5. Winners post a victory photo on Out There Monthly’s Facebook pageto confirm that the booty has been found, and then we let them know where to pick up the prize(s)!

Avista Paddling Package Backcountry Booty Prize 7.12.16 (This Booty was found 7.19.16)

Hiking, camping, boating, fishing—our region offers lots of outdoor recreation, including along the rivers and reservoirs where Avista owns and operates hydroelectric dams. Avista wants to add to your fun on the water by giving you a chance to win a Perception Sound 9.5 Kayak with an Aquabound Stingray Alu Paddle and an NRS Vista life jacket. This prize package also includes a $100 Avista Gift Certificate to use toward your energy bill, for a total prize-package value of $730.

Thank You to Our Contest Sponsors Avista and Mountain Gear!


At Avista, we’re committed to protecting and enhancing our recreational areas for everyone to enjoy. Remember to please play it safe above and below the dams and obey all posted warning and closure signs. For a map of our access sites and public facilities, visit




Caution–Poison Ivy in the area: There is poison ivy in places along the Spokane River and Centennial Trail near where this Backcountry Booty prize voucher has been hidden. We made sure not to hide it close to any poison ivy, but make sure you don’t stumble into any of these itch-producing plants while you’re out there searching, and take special care to keep children and pets safe. More info on poison ivy here.

Leaves of three, let it be!
Leaves of three, let it be!

Backcountry Booty clue #4:  Very close. Look hard. This booty has a cozy, camouflaged hiding spot that doesn’t require digging in the dirt.


Backcountry Booty clue #3:  Good place to stop and take a break if you’re out looking for the booty. Also a good place to turn around, since you’ve passed right by where this booty is hidden.


Backcountry Booty clue #2:  So you found the right trailhead, but now which way do you go? This awesome Backcountry Booty prize voucher is hidden somewhere right out there in the direction of this photo. Please note that no scrambling, climbing, bushwhacking or poison ivy or river wading is required to find this booty. Be safe and stay dry and itch free!

Somewhere out there...
Somewhere out there…

Backcountry Booty clue #1: The photo below is your starting point for finding the Avista Paddling Package Booty along the Centennial Trail and the Spokane River. Visit Avista’s Spokane River recreation map here to find out where this photo was taken and where your starting point will be.


Here’s what you’re looking for:

This little brown package is what you're looking for, but don't expect to spot it out in the open.
This little brown package is what you’re looking for, but don’t expect to spot it out in the open.

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