Altai Skis Hok and Ski Festival

They had such a great time at last year’s festival, they decided to repeat it. This year’s Altai Skis event is on Saturday, January 20 with Altai ski demos at the Sitzmark Ski Area, the smallest most retro ski area in North America. The area is close to Altai world headquarters in Curlew, Washington, and has been a favorite for many years thanks to its laid-back atmosphere and total absence of hype.

Sitzmark is a ski area for locals and a great fit for the Altai Skis demo and gathering as they have a certain inclination to be retro as well. Activities are scheduled from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and discounted lift tickets are available for those registered attendees interested in using the chair lift.

Nils Larsen, Altai Ski owner and cofounder, will be on hand to talk about his unique skis and ski/snowshoe hybrids. This gathering has a reputation for ski antics, great backcountry tours, good humor, and an unrivaled level of fun. Visit for more information. //

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