8 Spring Riding Tips

By J.D. Ennis 

In early spring, mountain bikers tend to be excited and ambitious.  This ambition can lead to trail damage or personal injury and further delay the trail rides they have been waiting for all winter.   

  1. Stay off wet or muddy trails and all dirt trails during active freeze/thaw cycles.  
  2. Visit a local bike shop for a tune up.    
  3. Start with some small distance rides and set goals. 
  4. Practice a stretching routine before and after a ride to reduce the risk of injury.  
  5. Have several different layers of clothing.  
  6. Stay hydrated by drinking water before, during, and after a ride. 
  7. Use the Trailforks app since there are not a lot of trail markers on many Spokane-area trails, such as those on the High Drive Bluff
  8. Avoid riding on trails that cross private land. 

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Biking Betties group ride at Beacon Hill. // Photo by Jane Patten, courtesy Biking Betties

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