6 Local Coffee Shops With To-Go Bulk Options

More staying home and less eating out has led to a boom in takeaway options with many restaurants, but coffee shops have been making to-go easy for a while. Now, a handful of Inland Northwest cafes are making it even easier to have our coffee and take it with us too, whether you need pre-brewed coffee for a camping trip or want a stash at home for whenever. 

This spring, Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters launched their Super Size Me cold brew, mocha, and latte cartons, available until the weather turns cold. The 64-ounce cold jugs can be purchased at their Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene locations or ordered for pick up online. Dairy-free options available.  

Photo courtesy of Evans Brothers Coffee

Indaba Coffee Roasters is also jugging up their Cold Brew Coffee in plain, vanilla, and lemon vanilla flavors. Choose high drive, decaf, 1/2 caf, or single-origin coffee, or ditch the coffee for Mandala chai or matcha with a range of dairy and non-dairy options. Buy year-round at their five locations, or order online for pick up or delivery. 

Vessel Roasters in Spokane sells 12-ounce cold brew cans in four packs—original, oat milk or whole milk—available for local pick-up. You can also order a pack of four bottled lattes, chai lattes, or sweet lattes in the Monroe Street café or online. 

Spokane’s Ladder Coffee & Toast serves up 32-ounce bottles of cold brew concentrate in original, chocolate, and other flavors, as well as single-serve, ready to drink iced lattes. Takeaway only.  

Coffee on wheels courtesy of Coffee Roboto. // Photo: S. Michal Bennett

Coffee Roboto, a mobile café in the Coeur d’Alene area, safely delivers cold brew concentrate, chai, and shrub syrup to your doorstep in CDA, Post Falls, or Hayden every Friday morning, every month of the year. Order online. 

Created Coffee in Coeur d’Alene brews their signature orange cold brew every summer and sells it in 32-ounce bottles for you to enjoy by the lake or on your deck. Grab a bottle with a house-made flower bouquet at the Third Street shop. 

Originally published as “Lattes To Go In Bulk” in the Provisions section of the September-October double issue.

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