11 Ways to Make Camping More Glamorous

To go camping doesn’t mean you have to rough-it, sleep uncomfortably, and return home stinky and exhausted. Here are tips to help elevate the basic camping experience so it’s more of a “home away from home” experience.

  1. Get a better tent. Whether you go with a canvas wall or bell tent, a vehicle tent attachment, or a clear inflatable bubble tent, upgrading your structure makes a world of difference.
  2. Roll out a rug or two.
  3. Invest in a quality hammock. No matter where you are, you can always improve your sleeping or relaxing situation with a hammock.
  4. Elevate your linens. Just bringing something other than a sleeping bag makes it feel more like home away from home.
  5. Pack a soft towel.
  6. Take your kitchen with you.
  7. Set up a folding picnic table with an umbrella.
  8. Have your own toilet and shower. Create a personal lavatory or a camp shower with solar water heater.
  9. Bring a solar charger. Handy for your phone, tablet, fan, speaker, and more.
  10. Don’t skip the digital entertainment. Download a couple movies onto your tablet or phone, and bring a Bluetooth speaker, blow up movie screen and projector, or just a great pair of earbuds.
  11. Don’t forget the heater and fan. Winter, spring, summer, or fall—there’s always inclement weather.

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Campsite with parents and children sitting in camp chairs around campfire eating, with a pop-up tent trailer with awning and picnic table with lantern. View of the lake in the background.
Party lights & rug outside a pop-up tent trailer with a heater inside makes camping more comfortable. // Photo: Amy McCaffree

[Feature photo by Chad Case.]

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