Zip Wax Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner

Fall’s colder temps mean prescription lenses and sunglasses start fogging up more frequently on bike rides, runs, and even strenuous hikes. Locally-owned company Zip Wax anti-fog lens cleaner removes the grime and streaks that plague eyewear and also fills in small surface scratches and prevents fogging. The formula dates back to World War II and was used by American soldiers to keep their glasses, binoculars, and rifle scopes clean and fog free.

I started using Zip Wax on my shades and prescription specs in September and have enjoyed crisper, fog-free vision on several hikes and bike rides. I’ve even started using it to clean my computer screen and cell phone and am looking forward to testing it out on my notoriously foggy ski goggles this winter. It comes in wax form in ½ and 2 oz. jars ($14.99 and $19.99) or as a spray in a 2 oz. bottle ($19.99). Either option should last a year or longer. Check out the Zip Wax website for a list of multiple retailers in Spokane and North Idaho where you can pick some up or order online at //

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