Why are these “sharrows” in the gutter?

We posted last month about sharrows planned for Southeast Blvd. and 37th Ave.

The lines have been painted on Southeast Blvd., and these sharrows look suspiciously similar to bike lanes.

Here’s what our new “sharrows” on Southeast Blvd. look like:

This is what sharrows actually look like:


The difference? Sharrows are shared lanes, reinforcing existing laws that say bicycles and motorized vehicles share the road. The markings go in the right half of a traffic lane, rather than next to the lane.

On Southeast Blvd., they would offer two benefits. First, drivers would be more conscious of bicyclists on blind turns where drivers tend to cut into the bike lane (evidenced by faded lines before the repaving). Second, bicyclists would have a safer option at the turning lane. (See photo below.)


So, City of Spokane. What gives?

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