What You Missed at the Double Down Hoe Down

Mud wreck or not, this gentleman could not be stopped Sunday at the Double Down Hoe Down. // Photo Jon Snyder.

I haven’t been to a downhill mountain bike race since I rode outlaw Daughter of the Hellathon in the Olympic national Forest back in ’87. My how things change. I went out on Sunday to catch the wet and messy last day of the Wheelsport East’s Double Down Hoe Down and had a blast. As spectator it was great because a wicked drop was set up at the prime viewing spot at the end of the course. The loudest cheers were reserved for riders a who crash horribly but then got back on their rigs and finished the race. Two riders that I chatted with on the course were both from out of town, one from Bellingham and one from Bozeman–both had rented hotel rooms. Hello CVB, hello Sports Commission! Can we get the Hoe Down some support? It may not be Skate America, but they are putting heads in beds. I didn’t realize that the only other real downhill race in Washington outside of Spokane is in Port Angeles. That’s it. Good for Wheelsport East for putting on a great event. I’m looking forward to the Beacon Blowout in April too.

Those rocks are slick!

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