Valleyfest Multisport Sunday 2023: An Epic Celebration of Sports and Community Sept. 24

Valleyfest, the much-anticipated annual festival, is back with its thrilling Multisport Sunday on September 24. For outdoor sports enthusiasts, the lineup has three diverse events that challenge participants and entertain spectators alike starting at 8 AM in Spokane Valley.

Valleyfest Triathlon

The Valleyfest Triathlon is a true test of physical prowess and adaptability, combining the challenges of rowing, biking, and running.

The triathlon replaces the traditional swim leg with an invigorating kayak/canoe leg. The action commences at the South Centennial Trailhead, located at the CenterPlace Regional Event Center, on the banks of the Spokane River. Rowers start in-group heats, propelling themselves downstream on the Spokane River in kayaks or canoes, covering a scenic 1.5-mile course. The race concludes with a triumphant finish and boat deposit near the Plantes Ferry obelisk at the Plantes Ferry Park.

Valleyfest 5k Run/10k Run­­­­­—A Bloomsday-Qualifying Run

Valleyfest Multisport Sunday extends its dedication to fitness with the Valleyfest 5k Run/10k Run, inviting individuals of all ages and fitness levels to participate. This timed race provides an opportunity for runners to qualify for the Bloomsday race, serving as a second-seed qualifying event. Participants will set off on a scenic journey along the Spokane River/Centennial Trail with stunning landscapes as their backdrop. Timing for the event is provided by Negative Split, ensuring accurate results for participants.

Valleyfest Multisport Sunday is an extraordinary celebration of adventure, endurance, and community. With the thrilling Valleyfest Triathlon’s unique boat leg, and the inclusive Valleyfest 5k Run/10k Run, participants and spectators alike are in for an unforgettable day filled with sportsmanship and connection. Click here to register or to learn more about the Multisport Sunday at Valleyfest. For additional details about other exciting events during Valleyfest, check out FB, Twitter and Instagram.

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