Trail Volunteer Spotlight: John & Madison McArthur 

Yes, trailwork is hard work, but to illustrate how accessible it can be, check out the father-daughter duo of John and Madison McArthur. Both are multi-sport athletes who are active volunteers with several groups. Madison, age 10, is already a two-year veteran of trail projects.

When asked about their favorite aspect of trailwork and what keeps them coming back, Madison notes, “I volunteer because I like to help my community, visit wildlife, and because of the wonderful, hardworking, kind people I work with.” Madison adds, “I love assembling rocks to make bridges and retaining walls because it’s like a puzzle, and I love logic and math. I also like clearing trails of brush because of the wide selection of tools I get to handle.” Madison has been known to try out every single tool on a trailwork party in order to learn about each one.

Her dad loves trail building too, but his favorite part is watching Madison’s expertise and passion grow. “Being able to see my daughter work with tools and the pride she takes in trail projects makes me an unbelievably proud parent.”

Madison knows that trailwork can be accomplished at her own pace, and that’s why her favorite location is Mount Spokane, “because whenever I got tired, I would just sit down and eat some huckleberries!”

Want to get involved? Local groups will be utilizing a new tool to share volunteer opportunities this summer. Find it at //

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